Long term life change, The beginning

Long Term Life Change

So here we are, 40 something, and quickly getting over the grind. Our son is turning 17 this year and has started developing applications and games. Mostly self-taught at the moment, much like the way he taught himself how to play guitar. Youtube! Well maybe its time for us to learn something new too and do something different. It won’t be quick, or easy but hopefully it will be worth it. This page is a part of that vision. No we don’t expect to be the Mark Wiens of travel, and we are not about to become some lifestyle guru. This page is not a map to changing your life. Or becoming someone or something else. This blog is really about some basic travel tips, some of our adventures past and present and of course this part, the Long Term Life Change.

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20 Things about Thailand you should know.

Railay Bay Thailand

20 Things about Thailand you should know.

There are a number of things to know about Thailand before you visit. Some of these things you may know, some you may not. Thailand is an interesting country. It is large and diverse with a vibrant people and a burgeoning expat population. Thailand is a cheap place to live and visit. Below is a list of 20 things to know about Thailand. Some of which are not always clear before you go.  Continue reading “20 Things about Thailand you should know.”

Howick in the KZN Midlands

Howick in the KZN Midlands

Southern Drakensberg and Midlands

Hilton, Howick, Nottingham Road. There are so many small quaint towns around the midlands and southern Drakensberg. Each one of these small towns offer something a little different. From farm markets, micro breweries, craft shops and historic sites. As well as so many places to eat and stay over. It can take days to get around and see even just some of it. We will start in Howick and move along to other towns as we go Continue reading “Howick in the KZN Midlands”

Balloon Safari – Magalies River Valley

Majestic hot air Ballons

So a little while ago we went on a little trip in a hot air balloon. A Balloon Safari! Seriously you have to do this even if it is just once, and I have a feeling that if you do it once. You will want to do it again. Even if you are scared of heights, gas and fire. There are few things that are as calm and as peaceful as gently drifting along a beautiful landscape with no noise. Other than the roar of the twin burners once in a while. The early morning chill still in the air. Trust me on this one.

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Beware, change is coming! 

Exploring the Gap

Beware, changes are coming!

I’m not sure where this post is going to end up, for that matter I’m not sure where this blog will end up.

I am not a writer, I am not a conversationalist, I am not sure of many things, but I am sure that it is time to start planning a big change. Like many people out there who are my age we get to a point where we need to do something drastic, some do, some don’t I guess. Some may call it a midlife crisis, even I might. I guess at this point I should elaborate, If you are at all like us, then some of the below may resonate with you.  Continue reading “Beware, change is coming! “