Beware, change is coming! 

Beware, changes are coming!

I’m not sure where this post is going to end up, for that matter I’m not sure where this blog will end up.

I am not a writer, I am not a conversationalist, I am not sure of many things, but I am sure that it is time to start planning a big change. Like many people out there who are my age we get to a point where we need to do something drastic, some do, some don’t I guess. Some may call it a midlife crisis, even I might. I guess at this point I should elaborate, If you are at all like us, then some of the below may resonate with you. 

40 something, happily married, I don’t know of that many people who can say that, fairly successful, a large house that is really more than we need, 1 child teenager, 2 German sedans, professionals carving out a future. To busy working to actually enjoy what we are working for. So what do you do, wait until you are 60 or 65? maybe not, what if there is a better way. Hopefully we are going to find out.

Historically what most of us have done over the years,

  1. Leave School
  2. Gap year maybe?
  3. Study
  4. Work
  5. Get Married
  6. Work
  7. Have kids
  8. Work
  9. Try and make a life for ourselves
  10. Work
  11. Try to enjoy the life we have built in the confinements of the life we have built.
  12. Work
  13. Retire
  14. Try to travel
  15. grow older and older
  16. ….

So far we have done 1,3-11. now suddenly the need to do something totally different has arrived, its time to turn conventions on their head and do something,  anything. So to start with its time to explore the globe, just a little at a time to start with. places in your home country, an overseas trip. stop watching TV, read more, watch Vlogs on YouTube start expanding your options.

Maybe its time to look at packing up and moving to a totally new city or even country. Its time to look at passive income streams and new ways of earning a living. Change is coming and we are ready for it.

Hopefully some people will join us in the journey, adventure, madness. Maybe some people will be inspired to get off their asses and really do something out of their comfort zone.

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